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Walks on Ithaca
Themed Walks on Ithaca

‘Island Walks’ has been operating since 2004 and has a breadth of knowledge about the island of Ithaca. Their themed walks are aimed at people who appreciate the combination of nature and culture. At a relaxed pace and in small groups you will explore Ithaca's most remote and interesting areas. Below are some examples of the type of walks on offer.

Homer's Walk
Stavros - Archeological Museum - Homer's School - Stavros

This walk is a must for lovers of Homer and for people who want to know the story behind Odysseus and Ithaca. During this walk you will:
  • Visit the scale model of Odysseus’ palace in Stavros
  • Explore the ancient site where excavations have taken place
  • Visit the Archeological Museum in Stavros (entrance €3pp, closed on Tuesdays)

Walking hours: 3
Total distance: 5 km
Difficulty: easy, partially rocky
Free for children under the age of 12
Starting point: Stavros village square

Exogi - Pernarakia - Roussano - Exogi
One of Ithaca’s most beautiful tracks. During this walk you will:

  • Hike the quiet mountain village of Exogi which lies at an altitude of 340 m
  • Climb to Pernarakia, the site of a former monastery. Exogi soon lies below you and a wonderful panorama starts to unfold. Kefalonia, the Ionian Sea, and the northern part of Ithaca lie at your feet
  • Descend a steep, rocky goat track through low bushes leading down to a forest and a plateau: Roussano
  • Continue along terraces and woods, and return to Exogi

Walking hours: 4
Total distance: 6 km
Difficulty: moderate
Starting point: Exogi village square

General information
The cost of each walk is 20 euros per person (minimum 4 persons required for the walks to operate). Please see your GIC island representative for further information and to book your place.

Depending on the summer temperatures starting times for walks are flexible. They usually start in the early morning (8-9 AM) or, on request, in the late afternoon.

What you need: Wear good shoes, boots or walking sandals. Good idea to bring a hat and always bring plenty of water. All walks are taken at the visitor’s own risk & must be covered by adequate travel insurance.

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