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Holidays and Villas in the rest of Greece

It is something of an understatement to say that the mainland has something for everyone. The monumental heritage of the Ancient World is still evident at every turn – in the vast peninsula of the Peloponnese in southwest Greece in particular, with Corinth, Mycenae, Olympia and Epidaurus within a day’s reach of one another. For anyone interested in classical history, the peninsula is a treasure trove.

For those who prefer the pleasure and indulgence of life on the beach, there are countless alternatives to choose from. Southeast of Thessaloniki are the long golden beaches of Halkidiki, equipped with every modern amenity and washed by the translucent waters of the Aegean; by contrast, on the same coast further south, The Pelion is sprinkled with sleepy seaside hamlets fringed by a lush green landscape of olive groves and cypress trees; to the west, in the mountainous region of Epirus, the twisting coastline creates sheltered bays and hidden coves, and the towns of Sivota and Parga have gorgeous, uncluttered beaches close to mountain gorges and tranquil stone villages.

The sea is constantly inviting: a boat trip will take you in moments to any number of private beaches and small islands, many of them uninhabited. Time loses its urgency: all that exists is the warmth of the sun and the glistening sea.

For the explorer, the interior of Greece beckons. All roads lead away from the travails of modern existence. There are wonderful hiking trails too throughout the country, taking you through spectacular scenery. In quiet villages, life goes on as it has for centuries. Contemplation is as important as activity – here were born the great philosophers; in this craggy, stupendous landscape the generous, life-affirming spirit of the real Greece lives on.

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