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Villas on Lovely Lesvos

Villas on Lovely Lesvos

Holidays and Villas on Lesvos

The third-largest island in Greece, Lesvos has a wonderful distinct identity by a mix of olive, oak and pine forests to the east, a more rugged terrain to the west (betraying Lesvos' volcanic past) and a rolling idyllic rural landscape in between.
Lesvos, also known as Mytilini, is the third-largest island in Greece. Situated in the north-eastern Aegean close to Turkish shores. It is a destination that has strong traditions – not only seen in the unchanged way of life in the hill villages, but also of the Arts. It has been the home of artists, poets and writers ever since the legend that Orpheus' lyre was washed ashore here (the locals who found it dedicating a temple to music and poetry nearby).

There is a high standard of authentic Greek cuisine which is hard to beat on Lesvos. Olives, ouzo, fishing and agriculture are significant here. Many who visit the island mention the freshly prepared meals they've eaten at their local taverna, by families whose recipes are deeply rooted and passed down from generation to generation.

If you can, a visit to the archaeological museum in Mytilini Town is recommended. The nearby Byzantine Museum is also worth a look. More recent history is evidenced by the strong Turkish architectural influence - Ottoman mansions and crumbling minarets can be viewed all over the island.

Lesvos is also famous for its birdlife, particularly during the migratory seasons - Skala Kalloni is the best place for birdwatching - and the sweet chirp of the nightingale can be heard across the island.

There is something for everyone on Lesvos – whatever you seek from a holiday you shall find it here. From fine shingle and pebble beaches towards the west that stretch for miles on end to mountain villages, historic monasteries, medieval castles, even Europe’s only petrified forest is left to be discovered.

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