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Anti Paxos

Anti Paxos - GIC The Villa Collection

AntiPaxos will appeal to couples and to those families whose children can amuse themselves and are looking for an unusual escape from even the smallest of crowds with some of the best soft sand beaches and crystal clear waters in the Ionian.

This is the smallest of the Ionian Islands at just 5 square kilometres, and is located 3 kilometres south of Corfu. The current population consists of about 50 people.

Paxos. In 432BC, one of the greatest naval battles between two the Greek City states, those of Corinth and Corfu, raged around these waters and reputedly over 100 triremes were sunk. The little island must have had a larger population in the early 19th century, because the island put up a fierce resistance against the Ottoman Turks until it eventually succumbed in 1803. The current population consists of about 30 people.

An undulating interior of hillsides, carpeted by maquis, contains small vineyards above beaches of sand and pebble. A network of narrow tracks lead from the small harbour of Agrapidia up to the interior and past the occasional cottage with gardens of fruit trees, vegetables and vineyards.

Pathways, bordered by large bulbs of sea squill and wild herbs, lead down on the east coast to the sandy bays of Voutoumi and Vrika with their chalk-blue waters.

There are four tavernas but no shops on AntiPaxos. One of the tavernas, overlooking Voutoumi beach, will usually remain open at night on request from June to September. We recommend that we arrange a substantial hamper of provisions for your arrival – to last two days. Clients can contact our Paxos office to order further supplies, which will usually be delivered the next day for a small charge payable locally.

From the end of May an “Express Boat” travels between Paxos and two of the AntiPaxos sandy beaches. The journey takes twenty minutes and mobile phone contact with our Paxos office will determine the exact time that the boat arrives on AntiPaxos. This service can be used by our AntiPaxos clients to do their own shopping on Paxos.

The three houses of Violetta, Phoenica and Bacchus are well equipped for comfort. Each house has a freezer, mobile telephone to contact our Paxos office, torch, games, DVDs and books on fauna and flora. The island is small but distances are deceptive and in parts the tracks are steep and uneven: good walking shoes are recommended.

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