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The Greek Economic Crisis - Will it affect my holiday?

We have fielded a number of calls recently from clients nervous about how the current Greek economic woes will affect their holiday. The simple answer is that we doubt very much you will notice any change. A country in economic difficulties is not like a company or person in the same situation. Even in the worst-case scenario – which would mean Greece defaulting on its sovereign debt (the nation-state equivalent of bankruptcy) – life will carry on. The Greek people’s personal circumstances will doubtless be adversely affected with higher taxes and public sector cuts (sounds familiar!) but this should not impact visitors.

One effect already seen has been an increase in public demonstrations and strikes, on a similar level to last year when none of our clients were affected. These political demonstrations take place in the centre of major cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki – they will not affect the islands or seaside resorts. Strikes are always a risk in Greece and we have dealt with many over the past 36 years, many of which our customers were unaware had even taken place. They are most likely to affect public sector workers, banks and transport. In the event of a threatened strike which may affect your trip, we will be carefully monitoring the situation and will take precautionary action should we feel it necessary. For example, it may be that, if you are on an island relying on ferry connections, we adjust your itinerary to take any threatened strike days into account. Please note that Sunvil’s private transfer arrangements – including coaches, taxis and our charter boats to Paxos and Ithaca – are not affected by strike action even when public transportation is.

The UK news channels have reported that power cuts have been affecting hotels. We can confirm that, at the current time, none of our accommodation has been affected by power cuts. Our local teams have advised that any power cuts that do occur are likely to affect the major cities, be short in duration and occur in the afternoons. Power cuts have always been a way of life in Greece, especially in the heat of the summer.

So we would like to reassure you that Greece is very much open for business and looking forward to welcoming its foreign overseas guests in 2011. The eternals of Greece’s huge appeal have not changed - the sun will still shine, the sea will remain blue, and local tavernas and shops will be as keen for your custom as ever!

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