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Greece Elections

Our clients are understandably confused by the current situation in Greece and how it will affect their holiday or the holiday they intend to book.

There are many rumours as to what will happen if Greece leaves the euro and some absolutely hilarious scenarios painted in some of the media. It is still our opinion that Greece will not leave and that the elections to be held sometime between the 10th and the 17th June will re-enforce this fact.

If, finally, Greece does leave the euro, then this can only be to the benefit of the visitor because any euro notes will increase in value vis-à-vis the Drachma, if, in fact, Greece reverts to its old currency.

If the country does leave the single currency, you will not be asked to leave your hotel, you will not be asked to pay anything extra locally you will simply continue your holiday as you have always done.

We have operated to Greece since 1974, we have known our agents and accommodation providers for many years and we are in constant touch with them. They are anxious that those who intend to visit Greece are made aware that life continues as it always has done and that they look forward to seeing you.

Do not forget that Belgium was without a Government from 13th June 2010 to 5th December 2011 because no single party had a sufficient majority and they could not agree on a coalition. What has happened in Greece is nothing new.

On the Sunvil and GIC The Villa Collection websites we post regular blogs with photographs to update visitors about the situation on the ground in Greece, so that everyone can see that the situation is no different from normal in the resorts and islands which we feature.

Should you have any specific questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chris Wright

Managing Director

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