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Corfu Town

Corfu Town - GIC The Villa Collection

There is no doubt that Corfu Town is one of the most attractive towns in the whole of Greece. Anyone visiting for the first time is surprised at the variety, the elegance, the mixture of architecture created by the variety of cultures that have occupied the island. Sometimes it feels like Italy, sometimes it feels like Paris. Corfu town has something for everyone; chic shops, traditional tavernas, trendy restaurants and a warm welcome.

Situated on the east coast of the island, the town is built on a small promontory which divides it into two parts. The Old Fort, which is separated from the town by a moat, affords wonderful views of the old town. In fact there are two spectacular forts, the newer one looming over the old port. Both Venetians and Byzantines have had a hand in their construction and both structures have been much modified over time.

Just west of the old fort is the esplanade, the focus of town life and to one side the famous Liston, an aristocratic and elegant arcade, designed by the French architect de Lesseps in 1807. The same architect designed the Rue de Rivoli in Paris of which the Liston is very reminiscent. According to tradition, this is where the French nobles lived during the French occupation and only the families 'listed' were entitled to walk through the arcade. The Liston today, looking out over the esplanade and the cricket pitch, abounds with cafes and is the meeting place for everyone. This is the place in Corfu to see and to be seen.

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