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Unspoiled and natural, choose your villa in the real Greece

Unspoiled and natural, choose your villa in the real Greece

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The Pelion

For many, this magical region is the most beautiful in Greece. The Pelion, the legendary home of the Centaurs in Greek Mythology is a peninsula mid way between Athens and Thessaloniki along the eastern coast of the mainland. The region, however, is easily accessed via the airport at Volos which can be reached via direct flights from the UK.
The peninsula is still virgin territory and certainly not a destination for mass tourism. Here, the mountains, rising up to 1,600 metres, fall straight into the sea on the eastern coast, a terrain covered with pine, oak, fir, plane and chestnut trees. The western coast is gentler, with hills covered with olive trees and shrubs.

The mountain villages, clinging to the wooded slopes above the sea, are some of the most beautiful in Greece, with many, magnificent, stone built mansions with grey slate roofs and overhanging balconies.

The wooded coastline harbours some excellent beaches of coarse sand/fine shingle which, for the most part are empty, as the region is generally still only known to the Greeks themselves and they tend to visit the Pelion on weekend breaks and during the peak season.

This is a mythical, mysterious land of forests, mountains and sea, one where a car is highly recommended in order to appreciate what the ancient Gods have created.

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